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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

Vermont Sustainably Priced Energy Enterprise Development (SPEED) Program

Date Last Updated12/20/2012
Policy TypePortfolio Standard
Policy Administrator/Contact OfficeVermont Public Service Board (PSB)
Policy Initiation Date6/14/2005
Policy SummaryUnder Vermont's SPEED program, renewably-fueled CHP qualifies as an energy efficiency technology. The program establishes a goal that 20% of total statewide electric retail sales in 2017 be generated by new SPEED resources. "New" resources are defined as renewable energy plants that have come into service after December 31, 2004. To qualify as a SPEED project, the facility must be located in Vermont and produce energy using renewables or qualifying CHP. Though the program is not technically a renewable portfolio goal or standard, the PSB has determined that if the minimum obligations of the program are not met, utilities would be required to meet a binding renewable portfolio standard.
CHP Eligibility RequirementsRenewably-fueled and fossil fuel-fired CHP systems are eligible as an energy efficiency technology. The regulations state the following - SPEED projects shall be located within Vermont and shall include new generation facilities, or modifications or expansions of existing generation facilities, which: (1) Come into service after December 31, 2004; and (2) Produce renewable energy, or are fossil-fueled CHP that meet efficiency requirements.
Eligible Project Size (MW)Does Not Specify
Minimum Efficiency Required/
Other Performance Requirements
CHP systems must have a design efficiency >65%.
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