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West Virginia Alternative and Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard

Date Last Updated11/20/2012
Policy TypePortfolio Standard
Policy Administrator/Contact OfficeWest Virginia Division of Energy
Policy Initiation Date7/1/2009
Policy SummaryWest Virginia's Alternative and Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (AEPS) includes CHP as an eligible resource. Renewably-fueled CHP systems and waste heat-to-power systems qualify as renewable resources and CHP systems using waste coal, natural gas, or other eligible fuels qualify as alternative energy resources.

The AEPS requires investor owned utilities with over 30,000 residential customers to meet 10% of their total renewable and alternative energy mix with renewable and alternate energy resources in 2015, increasing to 25% by 2025.

The Standard does not require a minimum contribution from renewable energy resources, so it is therefore possible for the Standard to be met using only alternative resources and no renewable resources. West Virginia's definition of alternative energy resources includes coal technology, coal bed methane, natural gas, fuel produced by a coal gasification or liquefaction facility, synthetic gas, integrated gasification combined cycle technologies, waste coal, tire-derived fuel, and pumped storage hydroelectric projects. The Public Service Commission has been granted the authority to certify additional resources as either alternative or renewable, if applicable in the future. Furthermore, greenhouse gas emission reduction or offset projects as well as certain demand side or efficiency projects may be certified and counted towards meeting the standard. Waste heat-to-power systems qualify under the term "recycled energy". Compliance with the Standard is based on accumulating alternative energy credits (AECs), where 1 AEC = 1 MWh.
CHP Eligibility RequirementsRenewably-fueled CHP systems and waste-heat-to-power systems qualify as "renewable energy resources" and CHP systems using waste coal, natural gas, or other eligible fuels qualify as an "alternative energy resource."
Eligible Project Size (MW)Does Not Specify
Minimum Efficiency Required/
Other Performance Requirements
Does Not Specify
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