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Dollie Burwell News Clip

This video, a news clip from WRAL TV news, shows the progress cleaning a toxic landfill in Warren County, NC. The video features views of the site, the cleaning process and an interview with Dollie Burwell. This video was presented during the 10:15am Plenary Session on Wednesday. A transcript of this news clip is presented below and contains the same material featured in the video.

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Transcript of Video

Reporter: Dollie Burwell wasn’t always a welcome visitor at this toxic waste landfill.

Dollie Burwell: From the demonstrations and being arrested five times.

R: She was among those who protested 25 years ago when the state decided Warren County was the best place to store PCB contaminated soil. Burwell’s been involved ever since. She and others held politicians to their promise to detoxify the site when the technology became available.

DB: This is really what I think is a good example of taking lemons and turning them into lemonade.

R: Some call it a symbol of environmental racism. Now Warren County leaders want to turn it into a community attraction. It could become a park or a housing development. After a year crews detoxified 65,000 tons of soil, they plan to finish by the end of September. In the detoxification process this dirt is heated to 800 degress Farenheit. It turns black and sterile. Still, sprigs of grass are already growing on this mound.

G: Before we leave this site, we’re going to be grading all of this dirt back into a smooth hill.

R: A grassy slope on which some of the most ardent landfill opponents now trust children can safely play.

DB: I think the process is what’s going to give the community a good feel that this site is clean.

R: Clean from cancer causing PCB’s and clean of more than two decades of suspicion and fear.

OR: Rick tells us that throughout the cleanup project samples of detoxified soil have been sent to independent labs for testing and according to the state the clean soil will far exceed Federal standards.

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