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  • Please provide us your feedback by filling out the conference evaluations, if you were unable to do so on-site or after streamed sessions.
  • Where available, links to recorded streamed sessions have been provided under session abstracts.

The U.S. EPA Community Involvement Training Conference has been held annually from 1997-2007 in various locations throughout the United States. As of 2007, the conference moved to a biennial cycle. The last conference was held July 2011 in Arlington, VA. The conference provids professional training and a venue for discussing topics of interest for federal, tribal, state, and local agency staff who plan and implement environmental community involvement and public communication, education and stewardship programs. Attendees have had an opportunity to learn from and share experiences with each other as well as hear and learn from other stakeholders involved in such programs through:

  • classroom-style training
  • case studies
  • panel sessions
  • group discussions
  • information sharing
  • interactive exercises
  • field trips
  • networking opportunities
  • poster and multimedia presentations

The conference also provided a platform for all parties to discuss successes, obstacles and lessons learned, as well as an opportunity to cultivate cross-program/cross-agency relationships.

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