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Title VI Decisions



Padres Decision

The U.S. EPA dismissed and closed complaint 1R-95-R9 which was filed on December 12, 1994 under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VI) by the Center on Race, Poverty and the Environment and the California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation on behalf of Padres Hacia una Vida Mejor, California, El Pueblo para el Aire y Agua Limpio, and Concerned Citizens of Westmorland (Padres complaint). 

The civil rights complaint alleged discrimination against Latinos by multiple state and county agencies related to the siting, permitting, and public participation processes for California’s three commercial hazardous waste disposal facilities: the Kettleman Hills, Buttonwillow, and Imperial facilities.   After jurisdictional determinations, only the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) remained as a subject of EPA’s Title VI investigation.  The complaint was accepted for investigation on July 18, 1995.  EPA conducted an investigation into these allegations and did not uncover any violations under Title VI.  EPA communicated this decision on August 30, 2012.

The following are documents pertaining to this complaint investigation:

** Estos  documentos  son una traducción y tienen  el único  propósito de proveer información. Los  documentos traducidos no tienen el propósito de proveer interpretación legal de su texto original y no se consideran como  documentos   legalmente vinculantes. Estos documentos no sustituyen  a ninguna regulación o ley   federal, estatal, o de nación nativo-americana.  De este modo, no crean ni conceden ningún derecho legal y no imponen  ningún requerimiento legalmente vinculante en la EPA, el estado, o en cualquier otra entidad pública o privada.**

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