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In the Workforce

First Lady Michelle Obama poses with two women. First Lady Michelle Obama visits EPA

First Lady Michelle Obama visits EPA

"Now for the first time in our nation's history, women are half of all U.S. workers and mothers are the primary breadwinners or co-breadwinners in nearly two-thirds of American families. This is a dramatic shift from just a generation ago (in 1967 women made up only one-third of all workers). It changes how women spend their days and has a ripple effect that reverberates throughout our nation. It fundamentally changes how we all work and live, not just women but also their families, their co-workers, their bosses, their faith institutions, and their communities."

– Heather Boushey and Ann O'Leary, The Shriver Report

Quality of Life tool kit:

The Quality of Life Tool Kit Entering Intranet is a new on-line resource available for employees who are interested in EPA's family-friendly polices and services and other Quality of Life resources. The Tool Kit Entering Intranet was developed by the EPA Federal Women's Program (FWP) to provide a comprehensive source that provides contacts for EPA locations nationwide and enables employees to readily learn more about family-friendly resources available to them.

Quality of Life topics included in the Tool Kit are:

  1. Alternative Work Schedules (AWS) – Flexible, compressed work schedules, job sharing
    and telecommuting programs
  2. Family and Medical Leave Act – Sick leave, adoption and leave bank programs
  3. Employee Counseling and Assistance Program – Professional and confidential
    counseling services
  4. Dependent Care – Child and elder care programs
  5. Wellness Programs – Maternal wellness (lactation) and fitness programs
  6. Transit Subsidy – Carpool and other commuting incentive programs
  7. Special Incentive Programs – Cash, time off and other incentive award programs
  8. Retirement Planning – Resources in retirement planning

Establishing a balance between work and family

EPA's campus in RTP is especially proud of our family-friendly workplace. On five separate occasions, EPA-RTP has been recognized by Carolina Parent Magazine as a North Carolina Family-Friendly Top 50 Company (used to be called Top 40). To learn more about this recognition and the EPA programs that helped EPA win this award, visit www.carolinaparent.com. Exit Disclaimer

EPA-RTP has also been awarded the Alfred P. Sloane Award for Flexible Workplaces. We offer many family-friendly options that help with employee recruitment, retention and morale. To emphasize this point, Kelly Leovic wrote a blog last fall on our family-friendly workplace that can be viewed here.

Report: Workforce Demographics For FY2009

Women continue to be an underrepresented demographic in the Federal government.

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