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National Clean Diesel Campaign (NCDC)

Working Together for Cleaner Air


Replacing an entire vehicle or equipment may be the best option for equipment that is nearing the end of its useful life or was manufactured before stringent emissions standards were put in place. This can be done in several ways.

Replacing older diesel equipment with newer diesel equipment
Replacing vehicles or equipment with uncontrolled engines, such as pre-1984 trucks or pre-1996 nonroad equipment, with a new vehicle or equipment provides benefits in fuel efficiency, reliability, warranty and maintenance costs.

Replacing nonroad equipment with certified on-highway equipment
On-highway equipment is cleaner than nonroad equipment in comparable model years. Specifying on-highway engines in yard trucks and nonroad equipment provides fuel savings and additional safety features while reducing emissions.

Replacing diesel equipment with electric, hybrid or alternative fuel equipment (LNG, CNG, LPG or propane).
Diesel equipment may be replaced with other technologies or fuels. Examples include hybrid switcher locomotives, electric cranes, LNG, CNG, LPG or propane yard tractors, forklifts or loaders. Replacements using natural gas may require changes to fueling infrastructure.

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