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Collage of a energy efficient bulb, a shopping mall and a wind farm.

Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy: How We Work Together

Be Efficient with ENERGY STAR
Be Clean with Green Power

Energy efficiency (EE) is the practice of using less energy and using energy wisely to accomplish everyday needs. EE is practiced during the use of the energy in your home or office.

Clean energy (CE) is energy derived from highly efficient, clean technologies, including renewable energy and combined heat and power. CE is practiced at the production of energy that will eventually be used in your home or office.

EE and CE work together as the best practice model in energy decision making. Choosing clean energy sources such as green power and combined heat and power and using that energy more efficiently saves resources on both the production and end use sides.

Small business owners can use the tools below to help make smart choices about clean energy and energy efficiency.

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