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National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency

Action Plan Recommendations
  • Recognize energy efficiency as a high-priority energy resource.
  • Make a strong, long-term commitment to implement cost-effective energy efficiency as a resource.
  • Broadly communicate the benefits of and opportunities for energy efficiency.
  • Provide sufficient, timely, and stable program funding to deliver energy efficiency where cost-effective.
  • Modify policies to align utility incentives with the delivery of cost-effective energy efficiency, and modify rate making practices to promote energy efficiency investments.

Photo of child's hands holding a globe.The National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency was a private-public initiative to create a sustainable, aggressive national commitment to energy efficiency through the collaborative efforts of gas and electric utilities, utility regulators, and other partner organizations. Such a commitment can take advantage of large opportunities in U.S. homes, buildings, and schools to reduce energy use, save billions on customer energy bills, and reduce the need for new power supplies.

The Action Plan was led by a diverse Leadership Group (PDF) (3 pp., 53K, About PDF) of more than 60 leading gas and electric utilities, state agencies, energy consumers, energy service providers, environmental groups, and energy efficiency organizations. The Leadership Group identified key barriers limiting greater investment in cost-effective energy efficiency, made five key policy recommendations to overcome the barriers, and documented policy and regulatory options for greater attention and investment in energy efficiency. Many Leadership Group organizations were joined by other states, utilities, and key stakeholders across 49 states in making aggressive commitments to energy efficiency and endorsing the recommendations of the Action Plan.

Action Plan reports, guides, tools, and factsheets are available to help state policy-makers, energy consumers, utilities, environmental groups, and others understand options for:

The State and Local Energy Efficiency Action Network builds on the great progress made by the Action Plan and strives to help the nation achieve all cost-effective energy efficiency by 2020 by focusing on the assistance that states and local governments need to perform their critical role in advancing policies and practices that bring energy efficiency to scale.

Advancing a Comprehensive Policy and Program Framework

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