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The Emissions & Generation Resource Integrated Database (eGRID) is a comprehensive source of data on the environmental characteristics of almost all electric power generated in the United States. These environmental characteristics include:

eGRID data can be used to support the following activities:

Ninth edition with year 2010 data (Version 1.0)

Released: 02/24/2014 Last Updated: 02/24/2014

All year 2010 files (ZIP)(8.2M)

Eighth edition with year 2009 data (eGRID2012 Version 1.0)

Released: 05/10/2012 Last Updated: 05/10/2012

All year 2009 files (ZIP)(7.9M)

Seventh edition with year 2007 data (eGRID2010 Version 1.1)

Released: 02/23/2011 Last Updated: 05/10/2012

All year 2007 files (ZIP) (10.8M)

Sixth edition with year 2005 data (eGRID2007 Version 1.1)

Released: 10/16/2008 Last Updated: 02/13/2009

All year 2005 files (ZIP) (8.5M)

Fifth edition with year 2004 data (eGRID2006 Version 2.1)

Released: 12/21/2006 Last Updated: 5/21/2007

All year 2004 files (ZIP) (8.9M)

Fourth edition with year 1996 - 2000 data (eGRID2002 Version 2.1)

Released: December 2002 Last Updated: May 2003

All year 2000 files (ZIP) (7.5M)

All year 1999 files (ZIP) (7.4M)

All year 1998 files (ZIP) (7.2M)

All year 1997 files (ZIP) (6.8M)

All year 1996 files (ZIP) (6.4M)

Download and install eGRID Data Browser for year 1996-2000 eGRID data

* The year 1996 - 1998 data in the first three editions of eGRID which were first released in December 1998, December 1999 and March 2001 are superseded by the data in released in the fourth edition.

Download all eGRID files (ZIP)(71.4M), containing data and documentation from all editions of eGRID.

EPA welcomes comments on eGRID. Please enter any comments about the content or function of eGRID.

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