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Climate Change

Adaptation Tools for Public Officials

Key Points
  • Many tools, guidebooks, and other resources are available to assist public officials and others as they plan for climate change in their communities and organizations.

A number of resources exist to help public officials and others with climate change adaptation planning. The tools, guidebooks, clearinghouses and other resources highlighted on this page offer a sampling of what is available from states, federal agencies, nonprofit and private organizations, and others.

Both the examples and links are intended to be illustrative, not comprehensive. Other tools and resources, as well as links to adaptation plans by different levels of government, can be found on the regional and sectoral adaptation pages.


Sector-Specific Tools and Resources

Region-Specific Tools and Resources


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Basic Information Greenhouse Gas Emissions Science What EPA is Doing What You Can Do
blank Overview of Gases Overview Evaluating Policy Options, Costs, and Benefits At Home
Newsroom Sources of Emissions Causes of Climate Change Regulatory Initiatives On the Road
blank Global Data Indicators of Climate Change Voluntary Programs In the Office
Related Links National Data Future Climate Change State, Local, and Tribal Partnerships At School
blank Facility Data blank blank blank Glossary Individual Calculator blank blank Climate Connections
blank blank Climate Change Impacts and Adapting to Change International Partnerships Clean Energy
Students' Site blank blank blank Climate and Transportation
blank blank blank blank Climate and Water
blank blank blank blank Climate and Waste
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