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Center for Corporate Climate Leadership

Supply Chain Leadership Award

2015 award application details will be posted in Spring, 2014.


Recognizes organizations that have comprehensive GHG inventories and aggressive emissions reduction goals and demonstrate extraordinary leadership in managing GHGs in their organizational supply chains.

Application and Submission Instructions
  1. Review the general eligibility requirements and the specific evaluation criteria for the Supply Chain Leadership category.
  2. Download the application form and the reference form to review questions, provide requested information, and prepare materials as needed. Once application form is completed, save a final copy of your PDF forms on your own computer.
  3. Once the application is complete and materials are finalized, please submit final materials through the online submission tool. Exit EPA Disclaimer Reminder: The application must be completed before submitting through the online tool. Online submission is absolutely the last step of the application process.

Please Note: If applying for an award in more than one category, new submissions must be made for each.

Early bird applications were due by August 7, 2013. All other applications were due by September 13, 2013.

Supply Chain Leadership Award Eligibility Requirements and Evaluation Criteria

In order to qualify for recognition, applicants must:

  • Publicly report a recent, third-party verified GHG inventory of all GHG emissions from scope 1 and 2 sources;
  • Have a current public corporate GHG reduction goal; and
  • Publicly report a third-party verified, scope 3 GHG inventory that may include supply chain activities such as purchased goods and services; waste generated in operations; transportation and distribution; and product use.

Exemplary supply chain-focused activities must have taken place between January 1, 2011 and September 13, 2013, but applications may also refer to actions that commenced before that time and continued into the application period and the length of time an action has been in practice, or that explains how that prior activity served as a foundation for ongoing and more current activities.

GHG Reduction Goal Requirements

In order to qualify for recognition, applicants must have established one of the following:

  • An aggressive absolute corporate GHG emissions reduction goal (U.S., North American, or global operations);
  • An intensity goal that results in an aggressive, absolute GHG reduction; or
  • An aggressive intensity goal established before October 5, 2010 (including all Climate Leaders goals), that would have been deemed to be aggressive at the time the goal was established.

GHG reduction goals must significantly exceed credible and transparent sector-specific, business-as-usual performance forecasts. For more information on demonstrating the aggressiveness of a reduction goal through benchmarking, please refer to EPA's guidance.

Requirements Related to Transportation and Distribution-Related Activities

Applicants citing significant achievements in U.S. and Canadian transportation and distribution-related supply chain activities must be both an EPA SmartWay partner and eligible for recognition under SmartWay's Excellence Awards criteria. If an applicant is not eligible to be a SmartWay partner, then EPA's SmartWay Excellence Award criteria do not apply. For more information, see Frequent Questions.

Evaluation Criteria

Applicants will be evaluated based on the following attributes:

  • Breadth and scope of the implemented program, which should cover multiple supply chain (scope 3) emissions categories from significant sources. 1
  • Degree to which an action surpasses normal business practice in a sector.
  • GHG reduction potential or effect of the implemented action.
  • Level of commitment demonstrated by the applicant.
  • Demonstration of collaborative engagement with suppliers and/or customers.

Note: Judges will be looking for described activities that are deemed to be better than business-as-usual.

1. Please see the Greenhouse Gas Protocol's diagram (PDF) (5 pp, 2 MB) Exit EPA Disclaimer for examples of Scope 3 emissions categories.

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