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Coalbed Methane News

February 2015

Alberta's climate change regulations extended

The province of Alberta, Canada is extending its four climate change regulations to the end of June 2015 while reviewing partnership opportunities arising from the recent United Nations climate change conference in Peru.

Source: http://alberta.ca/release.cfm?xID=37535EC25331A-C352-D068-3F2567BFFF6F3506 Exit EPA

U.N. agency states that U.S. can triple renewable energy use by 2030

The International Renewable Energy Agency reported that the U.S. could increase its renewable energy use from 7.5 percent of its energy mix to 27 percent by 2030, while power generation from renewable energy could grow to almost 50 percent during the same time period.

Source: http://www.irena.org/REmap/IRENA_REmap_USA_report_2015.pdf (PDF, 120 pp, 3.4MB) Exit EPA


Upcoming Events

2015 SME Annual Conference & EXPO CMA 117th National Western Mining Conference “Mining: Navigating the Global Waters”
15 18 February 2015
Denver, Colorado
Website: http://www.smeannualconference.com Exit EPA

Navigating the American Carbon World, presented by Climate Action Reserve
28 30 April 2015
Los Angeles, California
Website: http://www.nacw2015.org Exit EPA

The Fourteenth Annual Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage Conference: Advancing CO2 Emission Reduction Systems to Achieve Global Goals, Meet Electricity Needs & Utilize Domestic Resources
28 April 1 May 2015
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Website: http://www.exchangemonitor.com/default/assets/File/CallforPapers090814.pdf Exit EPA (PDF, 4 pp, 618K)

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Recently Released Publications

2014 U.S. Coal Mine Methane Conference Presentations
U.S. EPA Coalbed Methane Outreach Program (CMOP), November 18, 2014.
View the presentations given at the conference

Carbon Corner

California's Cap-and-Trade fund grows to $1B

Under Governor Jerry Brown's new 2015 2016 budget proposal, California will spend $1 billion USD to combat climate change, and some even argue it will reach $2 billion USD.

Source: http://greenlining.org/issues/2015/cap-trade-fund-grows-1b-groups-say-reach-2b/ Exit EPA

Carbon Trading Begins in South Korea

South Korea launched its first emission rights exchange, based on companies' emissions history. For more information: http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20150112000910 Exit EPA


Chart showing January 2013  January 2015 comparison of average monthly prices of gas, electricity  and carbon offsets (ARB)

Sources: Henry Hub Prices*, ARB Offset Prices** Exit EPA, Electricity Prices***

*Henry Hub gas prices are a widely accepted national indicator of gas prices, and therefore chosen for this display. **ARB Offset Prices shown represent all compliance offset protocols. The Mine Methane Capture protocol was not adopted until April 2014. ***Retail electricity prices displayed are for all sectors covering the entire U.S.

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