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Coalbed Methane News

August 2014

Don't Forget to Save the Date for the 2014 U.S. Coal Mine Methane Conference

November 18th - 20th, 2014. Pittsburgh, PA.

View more details on the conference website: www.cmm2014usconference.com Exit EPA.

GreenGas Resurrects Two AMM Projects in Germany


Green Gas Germany has announced the acquisition of two AMM to energy projects, 20 kilometers west of Dortmund in the northern Ruhr region. The installations, first operational in 2004, drain methane from mines closed in the 1980s. The methane is used to power combined heat and electricity production (CHP), with a total estimated installed capacity of 2 MW electrical power.

The CHPs at the Lothringen site are currently shut down because of low methane concentrations, but Green Gas Germany plans to restart production with patented technology that can utilize coalmine gas with methane contents below 20%. When fully operational, both sites where mitigating more than 5 million m3 AMM annually. Both projects benefit from the attractive German Renewable Energy System, which guarantees stable electricity prices for a time frame of 20 years.

More details can be found on the GreenGas Germany website Exit EPA.


Upcoming Events

2014 Pittsburgh Coal Conference
6 - 9 October 2014
Pittsburgh, PA
Website: www.engineering.pitt.edu/PCC.aspx?id=2147488856 Exit EPA

Global Methane Initiative (GMI) Coal Subcommittee Meeting
22 October 2014
Geneva, Switzerland
Website: www.globalmethane.org/news-events/event_detailsByEventId.aspx?eventId=443 Exit EPA

9th Session of the UNECE Group of Experts on CMM
23 October 2014
Geneva, Switzerland
Website: www.unece.org/energy/coalmine/meetings.html Exit EPA

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Recently Released Publications (non-EPA)

Modeling thermal oxidation of coal mine methane in a non-catalytic reverse flow reactor
Xiaoni Qi et al., July 2014
Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 60(2014)7-8, pp 495-505 (PDF, 11 pp, 1.4 MB)Exit EPA

A probabilistic assessment of enhanced coal mine methane drainage (ECMM) as a fugitive emission reduction strategy for open cut coal mines
Sander, R. & Connell, L.D., September 2014
CSIRO. International Journal of Coal Geology, Vol 131, pp 288-303 Exit EPA

An environmental risk assessment for coal bed, coal mine and abandoned mine methane operations in England
U.K. Government Environment Agency, July 2014
Report (PDF, 165 pp, 2.05 MB) Exit EPA, Summary (PDF, 1 pp, 60 KB)

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