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Clean Air Act Compliance Assistance

This Web site focuses on EPA's compliance assistance tools supporting air quality. It enhances the access to air-related environmental compliance assistance, compliance monitoring and enforcement information by providing links to documents, tools, information and other related and linked Web sites for compliance with environmental requirements to protect air resources.

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About the Clean Air Act

Clean Air Act (CAA) - Includes a link to the text.

Compliance and Enforcement Initiatives
Air Toxics - Provides a strategy to reduceemissions of hazardous air pollutants.

New Source Review - Provides a strategy to increase compliance with New Source Review/Prevention of Significant Deterioration.

Information on the CAA Compliance Monitoring program, including inspections.

Information on the civil enforcement program for air.

Tools and Information on How to Comply

The Leak Detection and Repair: A Best Practices Guide (PDF) (52 pp, 1.38MB, About PDF) is intended for use by regulated entities as well as compliance inspectors to identify some of the problems identified with LDAR programs focusing in on Method 21 requirements and describe the practices that can be used to increase the effectiveness of an LDAR program. The document includes a set of best practices that can be used to implement an effective/model LDAR program.

Compliance Assistance Tool for Clean Air Act Regulations: Subpart GGG of 40 CFR NESHAPS for Source Category Pharmaceutical Production (PDF) (260 pp, 6.9MB, About PDF) helps owners and operators of pharmaceutical manufacturing operations understand and comply with the air pollution regulations for the pharmaceutical industry.

Technology Transfer Network (TTN) is a collection of technical Web sites containing information about many areas of air pollution science, technology, regulation, measurement, and prevention. In addition, the TTN serves as a public forum for the exchange of technical information and ideas among participants and EPA staff.

Applicability Determination Index contains written responses to source owners or operators who need to know whether certain intended actions constitute the commencement of construction, reconstruction, or modification to the New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) in 40 CFR Parts 60 and the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) in 40 CFR Parts 61 and 63, under the Clean Air Act.

Wood Heaters Compliance Monitoring Program explains EPA certification requirements for manufacturers of wood stoves.

CAA Stationary Source Compliance Monitoring Strategy (PDF) (14 pp, 71K, About PDF) provides an overview of the national compliance monitoring strategy for stationary sources.

National Stack Testing Guidance (PDF) (12 pp, 127K, About PDF) focuses on those issues associated with the conduct of stack tests and the interpretation of the test results (PDF)

National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory (NVFEL) provides information that is intended to help clarify, but not replace, the guidance of the CFR or other official regulatory guidance regarding emission and fuel economy testing of vehicles and engines.

Sector Notebooks provide information on selected major industries, which focus on key indicators that present air, water and land pollutant release data.

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Information for Concerned Citizens

Indoor Air Quality Information - IAQ INFO is an easily accessible, central source of information on indoor air quality, created and supported by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

National Hispanic Indoor Air Quality Information - The National Hispanic Indoor Air Quality webpage provides (Spanish) information about indoor air pollutants that consumers may find inside their homes, offices or schools.

Indoor Air Quality Frequent Question database - With over 350 Q & A's on various IAQ topics.

AIRNow - Daily air quality index (AQI) forecasts as well as real-time AQI conditions for over 300 cities across the US, and provides links to more detailed state and local air quality Web sites.

About air toxics, health, and ecological effects - Plain English guide to air toxics.

Evaluating Exposures to Toxic Air Pollutants: A Citizen's Guide - Step-by-step guide for evaluating exposures to toxic air pollutants.

Risk Assessment for Toxic Air Pollutants: A Citizen's Guide - Overview on how to evaluate your risk from toxic air pollutants.

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