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Financing for Environmental Compliance

Planning Process Step Three: Define Project Goals

Accurately defining the project goals and objectives is critical to the success of the project. When the end result and steps needed to get to that end result are clearly articulated, it is much more likely that the project will succeed.

Write down the project goals and objectives and be specific. With clearly defined project goals, the team can better communicate their vision to municipal and Tribal officials and community stakeholders. 

The team may want to create one or more of the following documents:

The team should also monitor community events and resources. The project goals may need to be adjusted to respond to unforeseen circumstances, population changes or demographic shifts. A community feedback mechanism may provide new information to improve the project.

EPA has worked collaboratively with communities to improve human health and the environment. Based on that experience, the Agency has created the New Resources on Collaborative Problem-Solving Web site with case studies, tools and services and other resources to help communities reach their environmental goals.

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