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Financing for Environmental Compliance
Waste Management Case Studies

25 Years of RCRA: Building on Our Past to Protect Our Future (PDF) (21 pp, 837K, About PDF)
This report provides an analysis of why RCRA was enacted, progress made during the past 25 years, a compilation of success stories, and possible improvements for the future

U.S. Case Studies Using Municipal Solid Waste Decision Tool (PDF) (10 pp, 635K, About PDF) Exit EPA Disclaimer
The municipal solid waste decision support tool (MSW-DST) is being used in communities across the United States. The methodology that the tool is based on incorporates both life-cycle inventory analysis and full-cost accounting. The results of this tool are helping communities to make decisions that will result in more efficient environmental management. This paper provides an overview of some of the case studies that the tool has been used for to help illustrate the variety of potential applications.

Unit Pricing of Residential Municipal Solid Waste: Lessons from Nine Case Study Communities (PDF) (109 pp, 264K, About PDF)
Unit pricing of residential solid waste, or pay-as-you-throw programs, 1 represents one innovative approach to encourage significant waste reduction and diversion. Instead of paying a monthly or annual flat fee, a household must pay per unit of waste generated under a unit pricing program. Today, more than 1,500 communities employ some variation of unit pricing. This report provides an overview of case studies of nine communities that have implemented unit pricing for residential waste collection. This overview analyzes the various characteristics of the nine unit pricing programs, assesses program outcomes, and compares the results with findings from an in-depth literature review.

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