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Financing for Environmental Compliance

Waste Management Financial Information Providers and Resources

EPA and other entities have created numerous documents and tools to assist municipal officials as they develop a financing plan. Below are selected sites containing financing information. This is not an exhaustive listing of available financial information providers and resources, but rather highlights some resources from the vast array of available tools. Information and resources relating to municipal revenue-generating authority, grants, loans and bonds can be found on the Financing Options link listed in the box titled Financing Steps on the right side of this page. While these resources are available to all communities, small communities and tribes can access specialized resources.


EPA Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery - Grants and Funding
This page provides access to information on assistance agreement (i.e., grants, cooperative agreements, etc.) funding opportunities available in EPA's Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response (OSWER). All OSWER discretionary funding opportunities subject to the Agency's competition policy are published on this site. Grant and other funding opportunities are posted as they become available.

Environmental Finance Centers (EFCs)
The nine EFCs are located in multiple centers across the nation. They provide state and local officials and small businesses with advisory services, education, publications, training, technical assistance and analyses on financing alternatives.

Environmental Finance Center - Boise State University Exit EPA Disclaimer
This Center assists local and tribal governments increase their use of alternative and innovative approaches to environmental financing, particularly those that provide alternatives to traditional taxation methods. The staff can also assist state and federal agencies with policy and operational finance issues relative to the discovery of least-cost solutions to pollution reduction.

The Local Government Environmental Assistance Network (LGEAN) Exit EPA Disclaimer
This site is a "first-stop shop" providing environmental management, planning, funding and regulatory information for local government elected and appointed officials, managers and staff.  LGEAN enables local officials to interact with their peers and others online.  In an effort to reach all local governments, LGEAN also manages a toll-free telephone service (877/865-4326).

EPA Office of Compliance Assistance Centers
This site contains links to various centers available to answer questions about environmental regulations based on industry type.

Department of Commerce Economic Development Agency
The Public Works Program empowers distressed communities to revitalize, expand, and upgrade their physical infrastructure to attract new industry, encourage business expansion, diversify local economies, and generate or retain long-term, private sector jobs and investment.

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EPA Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery – Full Cost Accounting - Municipal Solid Waste - Questions & Answers
Full cost accounting (FCA) is a method of accounting for all monetary costs of resources used or committed for municipal solid waste services. FCA goes beyond the limits of cash flow accounting, which is often used by local governments, by considering direct and indirect (overhead) operating costs of services as well as up front (past) and back-end (future) expenses. FCA identifies all the activities communities undertake in their solid waste programs including recycling and composting. FCA helps managers understand the costs of different strategies for managing MSW. It also helps managers determine how they can deliver an integrated set of components in the most efficient manner possible.

United States Census Bureau
This site contains population and economic data on communities across the nation.

United States Bureau of Labor
This site contains economic and statistics data on social and economic conditions across the country.

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