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Financing for Environmental Compliance

Water Program Contacts

Please see the Tribal Contacts and Small Communities Contacts pages for information specific to those audiences.

EPA Regional and State Clean Water State Revolving Fund Contacts
Through the CWSRF program, each state and Puerto Rico maintain revolving loan funds to provide independent and permanent sources of low-cost financing for a wide range of water quality infrastructure projects. Funds to establish or capitalize the CWSRF programs are provided through federal government grants (click for federal funding levels (PDF) (6 pp, 142K, About PDF ) ) and state matching funds (equal to 20 percent of federal government grants). Today, all 50 states and Puerto Rico are operating successful CWSRF programs. Total funds available to the program since its inception exceed $55 billion.

EPA Regional Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Contacts (PDF) (1 p, 98K, About PDF )
The Safe Drinking Water Act, as amended in 1996, established the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund to make funds available to drinking water systems to finance infrastructure improvements. The program also emphasizes providing funds to small and disadvantaged communities and to programs that encourage pollution prevention as a tool for ensuring safe drinking water.

EPA Sustainable Infrastructure Contacts (PDF) (24 pp, 639K, About PDF )
Utilities and other decision makers need to evaluate a broad array of traditional and other watershed-based tools as they make key water infrastructure decisions. EPA regional sustainable infrastructure contacts can help communities create an integrated watershed planning approach that helps reduce future infrastructure costs or, in certain cases, provides alternatives to traditional infrastructure approaches.

State Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Contacts (PDF) (6 pp, 16K, About PDF )
EPA provides capitalization funding to each state for a state revolving fund. Each State manages its own fund. This Web site provides contact information for each state revolving fund office.

The Environmental Finance Centers
The EFCs provide state and local officials and small businesses with advisory services; education, publications, and training; technical assistance; and analyses on financing alternatives. The nine centers have helped numerous communities implement innovative environmental financing techniques.

The Environmental Finance Center Network currently includes:Exit EPA Disclaimer

These centers have proven effective vehicles for promoting innovative environmental financing techniques.

Other Government Contacts

USDA Rural Utility Service State Contacts
The Rural Utility Service (RUS) provides loans, grants and loan guarantees for drinking water, sanitary sewer, solid waste and storm drainage facilities in rural areas and cities and towns of 10,000 or less. Public bodies, non-profit organizations and recognized Indian tribes may qualify for assistance. RUS also makes grants to nonprofit organizations to provide technical assistance and training to assist rural communities with their water, wastewater, and solid waste problems.

USDA Rural Utility Service Federal Contacts
This site provides the names and telephone numbers of RUS national staff.

Department of Commerce — Economic Development Administration Contacts
This site provides a list of EDA regional contacts. These contacts can provide information on EDA programs, investment policies, and funding opportunities.

Housing and Urban Development Community Development Block Grant Contacts
This site provides field office contact information. The field office staff can provide eligibility information for the community development block grant program.

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