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Results and Reports

EPA's enforcement and compliance assurance program is focused on producing measurable results that further the Agency's mission of protecting human health and the environment. Though the focus is on producing measurable outcomes, program activities (i.e., outputs) such as inspections, compliance assistance delivered and use of incentive policies are still measured. Program managers use these output measures as short-term indicators of program performance, and in longer term trend analyses. The program continues to expand its use of outcome measures, such as pounds of pollution reduced and behavior change (e.g., improvements to environmental management practices) that result from compliance assurance activities. This is reflected in the Agency strategic plan and the program's Government Performance Results Act (GPRA) measures. The accomplishments of the enforcement and compliance assurance program are reported in a variety of documents, which are described below.


Compliance Assistance Results
EPA publishes an annual summary of the Agency's compliance assistance activities and results.

EPA and State Performance Reports

The Government Performance and Results Act
The Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) requires that each agency report annually to Congress on the results of its activities in each fiscal year.

High Priority Performance Goal
A High Priority Performance Goal (HPPG) is a measurable commitment that represents high priorities for EPA; has high relevance to the public or reflects the achievement of key EPA missions; and will produce significant, measurable results over the next 12 to 24 months. 

Measurement Tools
These measurement tools have either been used by EPA employees or, are intended as a list of generic questions to be modified to assess the results of specific compliance activities or projects

National Public Water Systems Compliance Report
Each year EPA reports about drinking water violations at American's public water system (PWS). The report summarizes each State's drinking water violations at public water systems within its jurisdiction, and discusses the violations at public water systems on Indian reservations. The report also includes EPA's enforcement and compliance assistance activities with respect to Tribal public water systems and describes the financial assistance EPA in providing safe drinking water to Tribes.


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