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Multimedia Data Systems/Tools

Data Systems

The following systems and tools provide enforcement and compliance data on a multimedia level:

The Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO) is a Web-based tool that provides the public with compliance, permit, and demographic data for approximately 800,000 facilities regulated under the Clean Air Act stationary source program, the Clean Water Act direct discharge program, and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act hazardous waste generation program. ECHO also provides access to information contained in the Integrated Compliance Information System (ICIS). You can search in your community, search by company name, or search by facilities with violations. Integrated reports present inspections, violations, enforcement actions, penalties and locate facilities on demographic maps.

The Sector Facility Indexing Project (SFIP) was retired in December of 2004. Most of the information found in SFIP can now be obtained in EPA's Enforcement Compliance History Online (ECHO). The ECHO Sector Facility Indexing Universe field provides compliance and inspection history and demographics information for the five SFIP industry sectors. Detailed information regarding spills can now be obtained from the National Response Center. Chemical release information can be obtained from EPA's TRI Explorer.

Integrated Data for Enforcement Analysis - Multimedia Data Systems Integration Tool The Integrated Data and Enforcement Analysis (IDEA) system pulls data from the many separate media (air, water, solid waste) systems and integrates the data to produce multimedia reports for particular facilities or for types of activities. With IDEA you can obtain a comprehensive historical profile of inspections, enforcement actions, penalties assessed, toxic chemicals released and emergency hazardous spills for any EPA regulated facility. IDEA data can also be accessed through OTIS and ECHO.

The Section 7 Tracking System (SSTS) is the only automated system EPA uses to track pesticide producing establishments and the amount of pesticides they produce. SSTS records the registration of new establishments and the pesticide production at each establishment.

The Envirofacts Data Warehouse was created by the Agency to provide the public with direct access to the information contained in its databases. Envirofacts allows the public to retrieve data from many of the Agency data systems, develop on-line queries, create reports and map results.


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