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Communities and Environmental Laws

Project Information

This is a DVD, Communities and Environmental Laws, was created by a collaboration of three non-profit organizations:

  • Environmental Law Institute,
  • United Church of Christ, and
  • the Southwest Network for Economic and Environmental Justice.

The DVD focuses on how citizens can learn about the environmental laws and how these laws can be utilized to help the people make their communities healthier places in which to live. It consists of two case studies where local communities have worked together to address their local environmental or public health issue. It shows how people just like you have done this by using the environmental laws to make their homes a healthier place. The DVD contains an English and Spanish 20 minute video as well as copies of the publication "A Citizen's Guide to Environmental Law" upon which the video was based.

Obtain the DVD

To obtain a free copy, visit the EPA National Center for Environmental Publications (NCEP) web site. Click on "Publications By EPA Number" and enter the publication number EPA-300-C-04-001 at the requested location on the order form.


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