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Environmental Justice: The Power of Partnerships

image of Environmental Justice: The Power of Partnerships

The Collaborative Problem-Solving Model at Work in Spartanburg, South Carolina

Turning a Community Around

This documentary film tells the story of how one man, a local community organization called ReGenesis, and a handful of partners turned a downtrodden community around. It's about the process of discovering—after being exposed to environmental contamination—a public health problem, working together to envision broad solutions, bringing people together, and creating change. It's about a place that "couldn’t get any worse," according to one resident, that is now being transformed.

Collaborative Problem-Solving Model at Work

In this film, you will see EPA's Collaborative Problem-Solving Model (PDF) (44 pp, 1.5MB, About PDF) at work in Spartanburg, South Carolina, as told through interviews with key players and current and historic footage. It features Harold Mitchell, founder of ReGenesis; local residents; city, county, and state government representatives; EPA regional and headquarters personnel; industry representatives; and others, describing in their own words their role in and perspectives of the project. Covering environmental, health, transportation, housing, and other related areas of concern, this inspiring story can be used to educate other, similarly situated communities nationwide about the value of the collaborative problem-solving process, to give them a glimpse of what is possible to achieve.

Obtain the DVD

To obtain a free copy, visit the EPA National Center for Environmental Publications (NCEP) web site. Click on "Publications By EPA Number" and enter the publication number EPA-300-C-07-001 at the requested location on the order form.


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