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Federal Facilities Compliance

Compliance Assistance - Federal facilities must comply with environmental laws and regulations. Additionally, federal facilities must comply with Presidential Executive Orders. Part of EPA's mission is to assist federal facilities in complying with these environmental requirements. This page contains links to specific compliance assistance information directed to federal facilities.

Federal Facilities and Pollution Prevention - Pollution prevention (P2) is a practice which reduces the amount of a hazardous substance, pollutant, or contaminant entering waste streams or released into the environment. The result is a reduction in hazards to public health and the environment.

Federal Facilities and Environmental Management Systems - An Environmental Management System (EMS) is a set of processes and practices that enable an organization to reduce its environmental impacts and improve its operation efficiency. Federal facilities are required to implement EMS's by December 31, 2005 under Executive Order 13148. The page contains EMS information geared specifically for federal facilities.

Compliance Incentives for Federal Facilities - EPA has programs that promote environmental compliance and the correction of violations by offering incentives in exchange for agreements to perform self-assessment, disclosure, and the correction of violations. Government facilities can then voluntarily discover, disclose, and expeditiously correct environmental problems.

Compliance Monitoring at Federal Facilities - Compliance monitoring identifies which facilities are complying with and which facilities are violating environmental laws and regulations.

EPA established the Federal Facilities Multi-Media Enforcement/Compliance Initiative (FMECI) in order to assess the compliance status of federal facilities with environmental laws using a multi-media approach. For the results of this initiative, see Federal Facilities Multi-Media Enforcement/Compliance Initiative: Final Report (PDF) (117 pp, 879K About PDF).

FedCenter - For more compliance and enforcement information, go to FedCenter, a comprehensive environmental stewardship and compliance assistance center just for federal agencies.

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