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National Nitrate Compliance Initiative Program

Through the National Nitrate Compliance Initiative, the U.S. EPA implemented a variety of enforcement and compliance tools to improve Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) compliance rates for nitrate compound reporting. Overall, the Nitrate Initiative increased nitrate compound reporting from 60 percent to 98 percent. EPA achieved this result at a fraction of the time and cost associated with traditional inspections and enforcement actions for both EPA and the regulated community through the use of EPA's Audit Policy. Specifically, nearly 600 companies agreed to audit more than 1,000 facilities for all TRI regulatory obligations and to pay administrative penalties totaling more than $1.4 million. As a result, EPA, the public, and our state partners received more than 7,000 revised or original TRI reporting forms that documented the release, transfer, and other waste management of 420 million pounds of nitrates that previously had been unreported. Facility audits resulted in new or revised reports for over 100 non-nitrate chemicals, documenting an additional 106 million pounds of toxic chemical releases. EPA published a final report detailing the success of this initiative, along with pollution prevention strategies for nitrate compound emitters.

The National Nitrate Compliance Initiative Report (PDF) (115 pp, 4MB, April 2002) provides additional information about the program or you may contact Tom Marvin at (202) 564-4282 or marvin.thomas-c@epa.gov. For information concerning EPA's Audit Policy, contact Leslie Jones at (202) 564-5123 or jones.leslie@epa.gov.

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