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Pork Producers Clean Water Act Compliance Incentive Program

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) have agreed to a comprehensive Clean Water Act Compliance Audit Program (CAP). The NPPC, which represents pork producers nationally, plans to have independent auditors conduct more than 10,000 of the audits nationwide to improve environmental management practices and assure compliance with the Clean Water Act. The Clean Water Act CAP provides incentives for pork producers to undertake voluntary comprehensive on-farm environment assessments by greatly reducing penalties for any Clean Water Act violations that are promptly disclosed and corrected under this program.

This program was developed after the NPPC approached EPA to propose an environmental assessment program for the industry. The NPPC developed a omprehensive and rigorous evaluation process for reviewing pork production facilities that is designed to assure the protection of our nation's waterways by improving environmental protection controls at pork farms throughout the United States.

This compliance audit program is the result of an agreement between EPA and the NPPC that provides reasonable incentives for pork producers without compromising EPA's and the States' ability to enforce the law consistently and appropriately. The program demonstrates how government and industry can come together to find practical and resourceful solutions for reducing waste runoff into our nation's rivers, lakes and streams.

Voluntary Compliance Audit Program



Environmental Benefits

The links below are to the press releases and other documents related to the pork producers cases.

For additional information about the Pork Producers Clean Water Act Compliance Incentive Program, contact EPA Headquarters Water Enforcement Division at (202) 564-2240. For information about EPA's Audit Policy, contact Leslie Jones at (202) 564-5123, jones.leslie@epa.gov.

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