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Obtaining Environmental Impact Statements

EPA does not have copies of Environmental Impact Statements (EISs) available for public distribution. Instead, we recommend that you request a copy directly from the agency that prepared the EIS.

To begin obtaining an EIS we recommend communicating with the preparing agencies “contact person” listed in EPA's weekly Notice of Availability of EISs.

In addition, several agencies are publishing entire copies of EISs on the internet (check each agency's website to determine on-line availability).

Other means of obtaining EISs are described below.

Northwestern University Transportation LibraryExit EPA Disclaimer

One of the largest collections of Environmental Impact Statements (EISs) is available from Northwestern University's Transportation Library. Nearly all of the EISs issued by federal agencies since 1969 are held, usually in draft as well as final form, as well as related documents (e.g., environmental assessments, findings of no significant impact, records of decisions, supplementary reports, and maps).

Cambridge Scientific AbstractsExit EPA Disclaimer

Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA) is a privately-owned information company that publishes abstracts and indexes to scientific and technical research literature and will make these available for a charge.

Detailed abstracts of EISs published from 1987 to the present are available; full-text is available for EISs issued in and since 2003. Please contact CSA directly for more information.

7200 Wisconsin Avenue - Suite 601
Bethesda, Maryland 20814
(301) 961-6700

Environmental Protection Agency Headquarters Repository

EPA Headquarters Repository
(202) 566-0556

The EPA Headquarters Repository houses a microfiche collection of final EISs filed from 1970 through 1977, and all draft, final and supplemental EISs filed from 1978 through 1990. These microfiches are available through inter-library loans; please ask your local librarian to contact the EPA Headquarters Repository to arrange an interlibrary loan.

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