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Financing for Environmental Compliance
Solid Waste Management Publications

EPA has published multiple resources to assist municipal officials as they develop a financing plan to remain in or return to compliance. Below are selected links to EPA waste publications.

EPA's Solid Waste Funding: A Guide to Federal Assistance (PDF) (12 pp, 229K,About PDF)Exit EPA Disclaimer
This 1998 brochure describes a variety of funding sources for solid waste research and management programs available to state and local governments, the general public, and small businesses. This funding is available from the U.S. EPA and other federal agencies.

EPA Jobs Through Recycling
This Web page contains links to funding and technical assistance programs.

EPA's Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery Publications
This page contains links to the Catalog of Hazardous and Solid Waste publications, a collection of solid waste resources CD, and also offers Spanish publications.

EPA's Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery - Beyond RCRA: Prospects for Waste and Materials Management in the Year 2020; Final White Paper
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state environmental agencies developed this white paper jointly. It aims to open and inspire dialogue on what the future could hold for the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) program in 20 years. The paper identifies a number of trends that could affect the future of waste and materials management, resource conservation, and human and environmental health. The paper also suggests certain general strategies and tools that might be used to build a new vision for the future of the RCRA program. While the paper is intended to stimulate thought and discussion about the future of RCRA, it is not a statement of any formal EPA or state agency policy.

EPA's Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery - 25 Years of RCRA: Building on Our Past to Protect Our Future (PDF) (21 pp, 837K, About PDF)
An analysis of why RCRA was enacted, progress made during the past 25 years, a compilation of success stories, and possible improvements for the future

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