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Compliance and Enforcement Annual Results FY2008:
Compliance Highlights

FY2008 Annual Results Topics

To promote compliance, improve understanding and encourage innovative approaches, EPA relies on compliance assistance and compliance incentive activities.  These activities are often part of a larger integrated strategy that uses many of the tools available to the compliance assurance program.

Compliance assistance is defined by EPA to include activities, tools or technical assistance which provide clear and consistent information to help the regulated community understand and meet its obligations under environmental laws and regulations, and to aid other assistance providers in the development and delivery of compliance assistance tools.  Compliance assistance is often provided to help educate businesses and governments about new environment requirements that apply to them; it is also provided for existing requirements to help address wide-spread areas of non-compliance, or misunderstandings within a sector about how to comply. 

EPA strategically targets where regulated entities are having difficulty understanding regulatory requirements, and works to provide educational materials and opportunities that will:

The Fiscal Year 2008 Compliance Highlights include the following categories:

Air Compliance Highlights

Water Compliance Highlights

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Land Compliance Highlights

Cross-Media Compliance Highlights

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