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EPA Fugitives Highlights

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EPA launched the Fugitive Web site in fiscal year 2009 to enlist the public and law enforcement agencies in helping locate environmental fugitives. These are individuals who are hiding or have fled the country rather than face prosecution for allegedly committing environmental crimes. The web site will assist the Criminal Enforcement program in concluding criminal cases so that the individual's ultimate guilt or innocence will be decided by the legal system.

Information about each fugitive listed on the Web site includes the fugitive’s photograph, a brief summary of his/her alleged violations and the location where he/she was last seen or believed to be living. A fugitive’s location can be reported to EPA by anyone on the “Report a Fugitive’s Location” Web form. Reported information is electronically sent to EPA’s Criminal Investigation Division for further review and action. The public may also report the information to their local police or, if outside the United States, to the nearest U.S. Embassy.

The Fugitive Web site has had a very positive impact since it was launched in December 2008:

For more information, access the EPA Fugitive Website at www.epa.gov/fugitives.

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