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Enforcement Results and Trends

The collection of charts offered here shows key fiscal year 2010 compliance and enforcement results compared to other years.

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

Individual results charts are presented below.

These links open the corresponding chart in the PDF file containing all charts.

EPA Environmental Results

FY2010 Civil Enforcement Highlights
FY2010 Criminal Enforcement Highlights

FY2010 Superfund Enforcement Highlights
EPA Enforcement Cases Yield Human Health and Environmental Benefits (Revised January 2010)
National Enforcement Priorities Address Important Environmental Problems
National Enforcement Initiative Accomplishments
Estimated Environmental Benefits Commitments to Reduce, Treat or Eliminate Pollution
Hazardous Waste Treated, Minimized, or Properly Disposed Of
Estimated Volume of Contaminated Soil and Water to be Cleaned Up
Estimated Value of Investments in Actions & Equipment to Reduce Pollution & Protect the Environment (Injunctive Relief) Plus Estimated Value of Investments in Projects that Benefit the Environment & Public Health (Supplemental Environmental Projects)
Civil Penalties Assessed

EPA Civil Enforcement Program

Referrals of Civil Judicial Enforcement Cases to Department of Justice
Civil Judicial Enforcement Complaints Filed by Department of Justice
Civil Judicial Enforcement Case Conclusions
Civil Judicial Enforcement Case Conclusions Number of Facilities Addressed
Final Administrative Penalty Orders Issued
Administrative Compliance Orders Issued
Number of Facilities Addressed
Number of Inspections - Evaluations Conducted
Private Party Commitments for Superfund Site Study & Clean up, Oversight & Cost Recovery

EPA Criminal Enforcement Program

Environmental Crime Cases Initiated and Defendants Charged
Sentencing Results - Value of Fines and Restitution and Court Ordered Environmental Projects
Years of Incarceration

EPA Compliance Incentives Program

Voluntary Disclosure Programs

EPA Compliance Assistance Program

Compliance Assistance Tools, Workshops & Training, and Facility Visits/Re-visits
User Visits to Web-based Compliance Assistance Centers

Acronyms - Statute/Section Description
FY2010 Enforcement & Compliance Annual Results Prior Year Enforcement Dollar Values Adjusted to FY 2010 Dollars


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