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Compliance and Enforcement Annual Results 2011 Fiscal Year

2011 Region 7 Compliance and Enforcement Annual Results

Have EPA Enforcement actions occured in my community?

EPA Region 7 serves Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska.


Fiscal Year (FY) 2011 translated to more than $171 million being invested by respondents in pollution control and cleanup in Region 7. Through these actions, respondents in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and on tribal lands will be required to clean up more than 26 million pounds of pollutants, and implement more than $1 million in Supplemental Environmental Projects.

EPA Region 7 demonstrated a commitment to ensuring the integration of environmental justice into all regional programs, policies and activities to achieve measurable results for the environment and the public health of affected communities. In FY 2011, enforcement and compliance assurance actions resulted in the reduction of millions of pounds of pollutants in communities and populations disproportionately impacted by pollution. This is especially important for the vulnerable populations most affected by pollutants, including people with asthma who are active outdoors, children, the elderly, and people with heart or lung disease. Communities and populations in Region 7 that could be disproportionately impacted by non-compliance with environmental laws will also benefit from the previously mentioned $1 million in respondents’ spending on Supplemental Environmental Projects.

During FY 2011 in Region 7, more than 38,000 entities received compliance assistance through web access, training sessions and one-on-one meetings. Focused workshops regarding the Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) rule, covering oil storage requirements for small capacity oil handlers, were conducted as a result of numerous inquiries in Iowa.  Region 7 conducted four separate workshops in Okoboji, Spencer, Washington and Waterloo, Iowa.  More than 725 farmers, oil handlers and facility owner/operators attended the presentations. As a result, the attendees are better able to understand the requirements of the rule and were provided answers concerning their own operations by EPA staff. 

Region 7’s Criminal Enforcement Program investigated companies and individuals with environmental crimes during FY 2011. A total of 14 defendants were convicted of environmental crimes. Criminal defendants were assessed more than $12 million in fines; $1.4 million in restitution; and more than 380 months of incarceration. Forty-two new criminal investigations were initiated.

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Federal Case Highlights

  • In a significant civil enforcement case involving the new source review provisions of the Clean Air Act, Terra Industries, Inc., one of the nation’s largest producers of nitric acid and nitrogen fertilizers, agreed to pay $625,000 in penalties for violations at nine of its plants in Iowa, Mississippi and Oklahoma. The company will spend an estimated $17 million on injunctive relief to install and implement new controls and technologies that are expected to reduce harmful nitrogen oxide emissions at its facilities by at least 1,200 tons per year.

  • The region concluded 27 enforcement actions against concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), resulting in more than 1.1 million pounds of pollutant reductions, respondents’ expenditures of more than $370,000 on pollution control and cleanup, and more than $129,000 in assessed penalties. Region 7’s latest round of CAFO enforcement activity involves five beef feedlots, including three in Nebraska, one in Kansas, and one in Iowa; and an egg layer operation in Nebraska.

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Accomplishments at a Glance:

Civil Cases
  Estimated pollution reduced, treated or Eliminated (Pounds)1 17,786,783
  Estimated hazardous waste treated, minimized, or properly disposed of (Pounds) 1 770,236
  Estimated contaminated soil and water to be cleaned up (Cubic Yard) 542,050
Enforcement Activities
  Case initiations 254
  Case conclusions 260

Sources for Data displayed in this document: Integrated Compliance Information System (ICIS), Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation & Liability Information System (CERCLIS).


  1. Projected reductions to be achieved during the one year period after all actions have been completed. (return to text)

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