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Computational Toxicology Research Program

About DSSTox Goals

Encourage use of DSSTox Standard Chemical Structure Fields and standardized SDF structure data format files for publishing chemical toxicity data files;

Apply strict DSSTox Chemical Information Quality Review Procedures to the annotation of chemical structures and chemical information associated with toxicity data;

Coordinate with outside public efforts to encourage chemical structure annotation, data standardization, and open public access to toxicity data files;

Involve the user community in the effort to migrate more public toxicity data and toxicity related chemical lists into the DSSTox standardized format for publishing;

Provide full, open access to toxicity data files for chemical structure-analog searching, and for facilitating development of improved models for predicting toxicity based on chemical structure;

Coordinate project development with the goals and objectives of EPA's Computational Toxicology Program to enhance the ability of EPA scientists and regulators to integrate, explore, and utilize chemical toxicity data from a structural perspective.


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