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Background Materials

Egeghy PP, DA Vallero, and EA Cohen Hubal. “Exposure Based Prioritization for Chemical Risk Assessment.” In press.

Egeghy, PP, R Judson, S Gangwal, S Mosher, D Smith, J Vail, EA Cohen Hubal. “The Exposure Data Landscape for Manufactured Chemicals” submitted.

Judson RS, DJ Dix, RJ Kavlock, RW Setzer, EA Cohen Hubal, MT Martin, TB Knudsen, KA Houck, RS Thomas, BA Wetmore. (2011) Estimating Toxicity-Related Biological Pathway Altering Doses for High-Throughput Chemical Risk Assessment. Chem Res Toxicol. 24(4):451-62.

Cohen Hubal, EA, A Richard, L Aylward, S Edwards, J Gallagher, M-R Goldsmith, S Isukapalli, R Tornero-Velez, E Weber, R Kavlock. (2010) Advancing Exposure Characterization for Chemical Evaluation and Risk Assessment. J Toxicol Environ Health, Part B, 13(2)299.

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