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Computational Toxicology Research

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All files below are in PDF format. You will need Adobe Reader to the files on this page.
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  1. High-throughput Screening of ToxCastâ„¢ Phase I Chemicals in a Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell Assay Reveals Disruption of Potential Toxicity Pathways (Chandler, Kelly)
  2. The power of an ontology-driven developmental toxicity database for data mining and modeling (Richard, Ann)
  3. A Biologically Informed Framework for the Analysis of the PPAR Signaling Pathway using a Bayesian Network (Beam, Andrew)
  4. Modeling Reproductive Toxicity for Chemical Prioritization into an Integrated Testing Strategy (Martin, Matthew)
  5. Computational Docking of the Isomers of Nonylphenol to the Ligand Binding Domain of the Estrogen Receptor (Rabinowitz, James)
  6. Prioritizing ToxCast Chemicals Across Multiple Sectors of Toxicity Using ToxPi (Reif, David)
  7. Inferring Impact of Metabolism on Toxicity Outcomes for ToxCast Phase I Chemicals (Volarath, Patra)
  8. Assessing the Robustness of Chemical Prioritizations Based on ToxCast Chemical Profiling (Wilson, Ander)
  9. Virtual Liver: Evaluating the Impact of Hepatic Microdosimetry for ToxCast Chemicals (Wambaugh, John)
  10. Chemical disruption of limb morphogenesis in a predictive virtual embryo model (Knudsen, Thomas)
  11. Informing Selection of Nanomaterial Concentrations for ToxCastâ„¢ In Vitro Testing Based on Occupational Exposure Potential (Gangwal, Sumit)
  12. Probing the ToxCastTM Chemical Library for Predictive Signatures of Developmental Toxicity (Sipes, Nisha)

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