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Computational Toxicology Research Program


ToxRefDB (Toxicity Reference Database) captures thousands of in vivo animal toxicity studies on hundreds of chemicals. The database:

  • Captures over 30 years and $2 billion of animal testing results.
  • Stores detailed study design, dosing, and observed treatment-related effects using standardized vocabulary.
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  • Provides detailed chemical toxicity data, for the first time, in a publically accessible and searchable format.
  • Enables linkages to other public hazard, exposure and risk resources by integrating with ACToR (Aggregated Computational Toxicology Resource).
  • Connects to another EPA chemical screening tool called ToxCast, a multi-year, multi-million dollar effort that uses advanced science tools to help efficiently understand biological processes impacted by chemicals that may lead to adverse health effects.
  • ToxRefDB has currently released detailed study and effect information on 474 chemicals, primarily the data rich pesticide active ingredients, and will continue to expand. If there are no available studies in ToxRefDB, please search for the chemical of interest in ACToR for all publicly available hazard, exposure, and risk information.

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