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c-Mantic: A Cytoscape Semantic Web Plugin

c-Mantic ("seMantic") is a Cytoscape Exit EPA Disclaimer plugin that uses Semantic Web Exit EPA Disclaimer technologies to support the analysis of linked data networks. The c-Mantic plug-in is useful for analyzing OWL/RDF Exit EPA Disclaimer data as Cytoscape networks. The OWL/RDF data can come from remote knowledgebases (SPARQL Exit EPA Disclaimer endpoints), imported from OWL/RDF data files, or from transforming the data in any Cytoscape network.

The work is part of the Virtual Liver (v-Liverâ„¢) project at the National Center for Computational Toxicology in the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The c-Mantic plugin was implemented by Lockheed Martin under guidance of the US EPA.

Key Features

The c-Mantic plug-in can be used to :

  • Visualize OWL/RDF data as Cytoscape networks
  • Query data from remote SPARQL endpoints and local knowledgebases
  • Import OWL/RDF files (N3 or OWL/RDF/XML format)
  • Export Cytoscape networks as OWL/RDF files
  • Create local knowledge bases from Cytoscape networks

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