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Friday, 13 June
The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess
7575 East Princess Drive
Scottsdale, Arizona
United States

8:00 Coffee & Refreshments

9:00 Morning Session

Welcome and Congratulations to Leadership Companies
Stephen O. Andersen, Director, Strategic Climate Projects
US EPA Climate Protection Partnerships Division

White House Support for Voluntary MAC Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions
Elizabeth Ladt, White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) International Affairs and Climate Change, and James L. Connaughton, Chairman, CEQ
Watch Video Exit EPA Disclaimer

Environmental NGO Perspective on MAC Refrigerants
Durwood Zaelke, President
Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development
Watch Video Exit EPA Disclaimer

China Strategy for Vehicle MACs(ppt, 106K)
Yi Xu, Ministry of Environmental Protection

Preview of US State and EU Automotive Regulation 2009 and Beyond
Alberto Ayala, California Air Resources Board (ppt, 1.3MB)
Agnieszka Kozakiewicz, European Commission (ppt, 77K)
Allison Wolf, Legislative Director, Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy (ppt, 2.7MB)

Why HFO-1234yf is the Global Refrigerant of Choice (ppt, 2.6MB)
Expert consensus paper presentation

New Initiatives in End-of-Life Refrigerant Recovery (ppt, 3.7MB)
Michael Wilson, Executive Vice President
Automotive Recyclers Association

12:30 Lunch (Sponsored by SAE)

SAE's Involvement in Mobile Air Conditioning Issues (ppt, 550K)
Gary Pollak, SAE Cooperative Research Program Manager

13:30 Afternoon Session

Alternative Refrigerants in MAC - The European Vehicle Manufacturers’ View (ppt, 739K)
Roman Meininghaus, Environmental Policy Director
European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA)

GREEN-MAC-LCCP: The Metric for MAC Environmental Superiority (ppt, 771K)
Stella Papasavva, GM
Stephen O. Andersen, US EPA

MACS Revolutionary Opportunity in Global MAC Service Sector (ppt, 1.8MB)
Elvis Hoffpauir, President
Mobile Air Conditioning Society

Business Case for Improved Service: Recovery/Recycle to SAE 2788 & Improved Leak Detection to SAE 2791 (ppt, 235K)
Jim Resutek
OTB Consultants

Regional Approval of Refrigerants with GWP <150 & Barrier Removal Update (ppt, 90K)
Kristen Taddonio, U.S. EPA Climate Protection Partnerships Division

Importance of Environmental AND Cooling Performance in Existing and Emerging MAC Markets (pdf, 1.7MB)
Ward Atkinson, Chair SAE Interior Climate Control Committee and President, Sun Test Engineering

The Way Forward (ppt, 33K)
Stephen O. Andersen, US EPA

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