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Welcome to the homepage of the Council for Regulatory Environmental Modeling (CREM). The CREM is a cross-agency group which promotes scientific integrity and defensibility in the modeling principles, practices, and guidance which inform environmental and public health regulatory decision-making and research applications. The Council works toward encouraging quality practices and principles in modeling, including higher expectations in the state-of-the art applications of modeling. It also strives toward consistency and consensus as appropriate among modeling experts, model developers, and model users within the Agency while fostering the development and application of integrated modeling both across EPA and the greater environmental modeling community. The CREM attempts to overcome traditional Agency modeling barriers resulting from environmental media-specific constraints and Agency decentralization. The Council's members consist of senior managers from across the Agency?s offices and regions. CREM charter (PDF)

Primarily, the CREM serves as a dynamic forum, actively-sought source of expertise, and central point of contact related to quality assurance, transparency, best practices, interoperability, outreach, and other emerging multi-stakeholder issues in the modeling of public health and environmental protection. The Council reaches out to Agency Program Offices and Regions, as well as the external community among decision makers, states, other executive branch organizations, and the public, to provide guidance, training, and support while efficiently and effectively leveraging public resources. As part of this mission, the CREM will, on an ongoing basis, review, update, and add to guidance on model quality assurance, as well as databases, tools, guidance, and training for Agency models, while engaging with Agency and external stakeholders in such tasks.

The CREM uses this website to maintain collections of education and communication materials, along with background information about the Council and its activities:

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