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Program Announcements

Hard-Copy CROMERR Applications No Longer Required

Applicants can now submit the majority of their application materials electronically by e-mailing these materials to the CROMERR Program general mailbox (cromerr(at)epa.gov) and Karen Seeh (seeh.karen(at)epa.gov). Hard-copy application file submissions are no longer required. If attempting to send application files larger than 8 MB, please contact us to arrange for transfer.

The attorney general certification is now the only application document that must also be sent in hard copy. This document can be sent directly to the attention of Karen Seeh at one of the addresses below.

CROMERR program guidance across the site is being updated to reflect this change. Online application forms are planned for 2014.

Launch of CDX Shared CROMERR Services(SCS)

A CDX Shared CROMERR Services Executive Summary is available. More information on CDX Shared CROMERR Services is available on the Exchange Network websiteExit EPA Disclaimer
Agencies and companies interested in using these services should contact Nathan Wilkes (wilkes.nathan(at)epa.gov).

Federal Register Notices

On November 17, 2009, a technical amendment was published to exclude from CROMERR all documents and information submitted electronically to EPA by applicants for, and recipients of grants, cooperative agreements and other forms of financial assistance pursuant to EPA financial assistance regulations.

On December 24, 2008, a final rule was published extending the deadline for authorized programs (states, tribes, or local governments) with existing* electronic document receiving systems. Under 3.1000(a)(3) of CROMERR, authorized program applicants that have an existing electronic document receiving system had until January 13, 2010, to submit applications for EPA approval of their system under CROMERR.

On October 13, 2005 the CROMERR final regulation and preamble was published.

On October 13, 2005, a concurrent notice was published designating existing* EPA systems to continue receiving electronic reports for two years.

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