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CROMERR 101: Fundamentals for States, Tribes, and Local Governments

Regulated Entities Reporting Directly to EPA

Under CROMERR, electronic reporting directly to EPA requires submission through EPA's Central Data Exchange (CDX), or to another system designated by the EPA Administrator for the receipt of the electronic report in question. Following the procedures established by CDX for document preparation, signature, and submission ensures submitted documents are not only successfully received by CDX, but also comply with CROMERR.

Note that submissions must include valid electronic signatures in those cases where handwritten signatures would have been required for the paper-base submissions, and the electronic signatures will have the same legal force as the handwritten signatures.

CDX Central Data Exchange.

The CDX enables fast, efficient and more accurate environmental data submissions from states, tribes, local governments, and industry to EPA and participating program offices.

EPA's CDX is the point of entry on the Environmental Information Exchange Network (Exchange Network) Exit EPA Disclaimer for environmental data submissions to the Agency. CDX works with both EPA program offices looking for a way to better manage incoming data, and stakeholders looking for a way to reduce time and money spent to meet EPA reporting requirements. CDX provides stakeholders with the ability to:

  • Submit data through one centralized point of access
  • Fill out a single electronic form which can be submitted instantaneously instead of mailing multiple paper forms
  • Receive Agency confirmation when submissions are received
  • Submit data in a variety of formats including Webs Forms, XML, binary, or flat-file
  • Exchange data with target systems using web services
  • Reduce costs associated with submitting and processing data submissions
  • Utilize publishing services to share information collected by EPA with other stakeholders, including states and tribes

Information on the submissions that CDX currently accepts can be found on the CDX Web site. Whenever CDX or another EPA-designated system is ready to accept additional electronic submissions, EPA will publish an announcement in the Federal Register, and will provide information with the procedures for electronic submission of the affected reports. For submissions that CDX accepts, the CDX website will provide instructions concerning the format required for data submission, registration procedures, and requirements for electronic signatures.

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