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CROMERR 101: Fundamentals for States, Tribes, and Local Governments

Lesson 3: Application Requirements

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What exactly are you submitting the application for?

What is required for application approval?

The application submitted to EPA is for approval of modifications or revisions to allow electronic reporting for one or more of the EPA-authorized programs implemented by your state. That is, you are seeking EPA approval to allow you to accept electronic documents in lieu of paper for submissions made by facilities regulated under your states authorized programs. For EPA to approve the program modifications, your state attorney general, or AG, must be able to certify that the state can continue to enforce these authorized programs based on electronic submissions. In addition, the system used to receive the electronic submissions must meet the standards spelled out in Section 3.2000 of CROMERR. These standards are discussed in detail in Lessons 5, 6, and 7 of this course.

This lesson is for states that plan to submit CROMERR applications to EPA to modify or revise their authorized programs to incorporate electronic reporting. This lesson includes details about the application as well as instructions for submission. The result of EPA approval is to modify or revise those programs.

This lesson covers:

  • Required elements of a CROMERR application
  • Typical application components used to meet the requirements
  • Submitting the application

These topics are covered from the perspective of states using the CROMERR Part 3 Application Process. States may apply for their program revisions or modifications using processes provided under other parts of Title 40, but their applications must still include the same required elements described in this lesson.


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