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CROMERR 101: Fundamentals for States, Tribes, and Local Governments

Lesson 4: The EPA Review and Approval Process under Part 3

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While Lesson 3 focused on the preparation and submission of an application using the CROMERR Part 3 process, this lesson describes what happens next, that is, the CROMERR application review and approval process.

Diagram showing the technical review process: An application letter is submitted to EPA for a completeness review, then a letter is sent from EPA to the applicant indicating whether the application is complete or not. If incomplete, there is an Opportunity to Amend Application and an approval review by EPA. Finally, EPA publishes a notice in the Federal Register.

Topics covered in this lesson include:

  • The Technical Review Committee (TRC)
  • EPA's Completeness Review
  • EPA's Approval Review
  • The Public Hearing Provision for Public Water System Programs
  • Special Notes Regarding the Application Process
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