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CROMERR 101: Fundamentals for States, Tribes, and Local Governments

Lesson 8: Four Critical Roadmap Items

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Lesson 8 focuses on four CROMERR System Checklist items that are closely related to the two key decisions discussed in Lesson 7, namely:

  • Item 3: Issuance (or Registration) of a Signing Credential in a Way that Protects it from Compromise
  • Item 5: Binding of Signatures to Document Content
  • Item 13: Credential Validation
  • Item 18: Creation of COR

These four Roadmap items are especially important to assuring both that:

  • CORs maintained by your system truly represent what was submitted
  • Any associated electronic signatures can be proved to be authentic

For each of these items, Lesson 8 provides both:

  • General advice on how they can be addressed
  • Specific examples of successful solutions drawn from already approved applications
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