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Choosing Our Community's Future

Through a cooperative agreement with EPA's Development Community and Environment Division (now the Office of Sustainable Communities), Smart Growth America has released "Choosing Our Community's Future," a guidebook developed to assist communities in shaping the growth and development of their neighborhoods, towns and regions. The guidebook will help readers understand the elements of community design, the planning and site approval process for development projects, and what can make a plan or project deliver on community and environmental benefits such as walkability, durable design and a range of community features like parks, libraries, schools and convenient shopping.

Choosing Our Communitys Future

"Choosing Our Community's Future" focuses on the visioning and planning efforts that set the stage for smarter growth, and how citizens can engage and make suggestions for better growth and development through collaborative stakeholder meetings and workshops.

The guidebook will help you learn how to:

The contents include:

Click here to download Choosing Our Community's Future (PDF) (102 pp, 5MB, About PDF) Link to EPA's External Link Disclaimer


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