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Questions You Can Ask Your Chemical Supplier

Ask these questions to learn more about the blanket wash you are currently using or a substitute blanket wash you may consider testing:

  • What chemicals or generic chemical families are in the blanket wash?

  • What percent of the blanket wash is volatile organic compounds (VOCs)?

  • Will the daily use and disposal of the blanket wash trigger federal air regulations?

  • What short-term and long-term health risks are associated with the chemicals in the blanket wash?

  • Are workers exposed to the chemicals through the skin and/or through inhaling the chemicals?

  • What gloves or protective equipment should be used with the wash?

  • How can blanket washes be applied so that I can minimize both the health risk and waste generated?

  • How do I properly dispose of the used blanket wash and towels?

  • What state, municipal, or local regulations may apply to the use and disposal of this blanket wash?
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