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Computer Display Partners

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  • Apple Computer, Inc.
  • Corning Asahi
  • Dell Computer
  • Display Device Consultants
  • Display Search
  • Dupont Electronic Materials
  • Eastman Kodak Company
  • Electronic Industries AllianceExit Disclaimer
  • Ecolibrium
  • GE Power Systems
  • IBM
  • Matsushita Electronic Corporation of America
  • Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance
  • Motorola
  • NJ Institute of Technology
  • Nokia Research Center
  • Philips Consumer Electronics
  • Poloroid Corporation
  • Princeton University Center for Energy & Environmental Studies
  • The SemiCycle Foundation
  • Sharp Electronics Corporation
  • Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition
  • Sony Electronics Inc.
  • U.S. Display Consortium
  • University of Michigan School of Natural Resources & the Environment
  • University of Tennessee -- Center for Clean Products and Clean TechnologiesExit Disclaimer
  • U.S. EPA, Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics
  • U.S. EPA, Office of Solid Waste
  • U.S. EPA, Region 9

The following individuals served on the DfE Computer Display Project Core Group:

  • Kathy Hart, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (Core Group Co-Chair)
  • Holly Evans, Electronic Industries Alliance (Core Group Co-Chair)
  • Dipti Singh, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (Technical Workgroup Co-Chair)
  • Frank Marella, Sharp Electronics Corporation (Technical Workgroup Co-Chair)
  • John Lott, DuPont Electronic Materials
  • Bob Pinnel, U.S. Display Consortium
  • Greg Pitts, Ecolibrium
  • Ted Smith, Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition
  • Doug Smith, Sony Electronics Inc.
  • Maria Socolof, University of Tennessee Center for Clean Products and Clean Technologies
  • David Thompson, Matsushita Electronic Corp. of America
  • Dani Tsuda, Apple Computer, Inc.

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