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Printed Wiring Board Industry Pollution and Control: Analysis of Survey Results


The authors would like to acknowledge the many individuals and organizations that contributed to making the project plan a reality, in particular the Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits (IPC), Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC), and the Interconnection Technology Research Institute.

Throughout the project, the PWB DfE Project Core Committee provided guidance, assistance, and review. Those members of particular note are Kathy Hart (EPA Project Manager), Christopher Rhodes (IPC), Greg Pitts (MCC), Michael Kerr (Circuit Center, Inc.), John Lott (DuPont Electronics), Debbie Boger (EPA Technical Workgroup Co-Chair), and Lori Kincaid (University of Tennessee, Center for Clean Products and Clean Technologies).

A special thanks is given to Christopher Rhodes and the staff of the IPC for coordinating the mailing and receipt of the survey forms.

Of particular value to this project were the efforts of the printed wiring board industry representatives that reviewed drafts of the survey form or responded to the survey. The information they provided makes up the majority of this report and will serve as the nucleus for a subsequent study.

This report was prepared by Mark Eelman and George Cushnie of CAI Engineering.

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