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CTSA - Chapter 5 - Chemical & Process Information

Cleaner Technologies Substitutes Assessment

This chapter presents module descriptions for the chemical and process information component of a CTSA which consists of nine data gathering modules:

The Chemical Properties, Environmental Fate Summary, Human Health Hazards Summary, and Environmental Hazards Summary modules collect data on the properties of the chemicals in the use cluster. The Chemical Manufacturing Process & Product Formulation, Chemistry of Use & Process Description, Process Safety Assessment, Market Information, and International Information modules collect data relating to the chemicals themselves, and/or the substitute products, processes, or technologies in which they are used. The information compiled in each of these modules is used later in the data analysis components of a CTSA.

For example, the Chemical Properties module provides chemical identity information to almost every module in the CTSA. Among other things, this minimizes the potential for confusion caused by chemical synonyms and ensures that DfE team members from different disciplines have a common point of reference on chemical names. The Hazards Summary modules combine with data from the Exposure Assessment module to characterize human health and ecological (aquatic) risks. The Chemistry of Use & Process Description module clearly defines the processes in the use cluster so that DfE team members working on different process-related modules have a common understanding of the processes.

Only the Process Safety Assessment, Market Information, and International Information modules of this component provide information directly to the final trade-off evaluations of a CTSA. The Process Safety Assessment module provides data on potential chemical hazards (e.g., fire, explosion, etc.) and precautions for safe use of equipment or chemicals to the Risk, Competitiveness & Conservation Data Summary module for evaluation in the Social Benefits/Costs Assessment and Decision Information Summary modules. The Market Information and International Information modules provide data on domestic and foreign supply and demand and relevant trade issues.

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