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EPA's Region 6 Office

Serving: Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and 66 Tribal Nations

Water Enforcement

The Water Enforcement Branch assures compliance and takes appropriate enforcement action against facilities for violations of the Clean Water Act (CWA) and Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) within EPA Region 6. The staff performs technical, scientific, and administrative reviews and evaluations necessary to enforce National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits, Public Water Supply (PWS), and Underground Injection Control (UIC) programs.

Clean Water Act Action Plan site — This plan was written to enhance transparency regarding clean water enforcement performance at federal and state levels, to strengthen that performance, and to transform EPA’s water quality and compliance information systems. Ideas from the public were solicited to encompass a broad range of perspectives. Outreach to states, tribes, community groups, industry and environmental organizations ensured an opportunity for participation in the forum. The link above is to the EPA headquarters page that further discuss the plan.

Clean Water Act

Safe Drinking Water Act

Marine Protection, Research, and Sanctuaries Act (also known as the Ocean Dumping Act)

  • Burial at Sea: The MPRSA has a general permit for burial at sea that can be found at 40 CFR 229.1. All burials conducted under this general permit shall be reported within 30 days to the Regional Administrator of the Region from which the vessel carrying the remains departed. If this burial is within EPA Region 6 jurisdiction (off the coasts of Texas and Louisiana), then you should notify EPA Region 6 Water Quality Protection Division, Attn.: Mr. Stephen Bainter <bainter.stephen@epa.gov>, (214) 665-8081.

The following is the Water Enforcement Branch mailing address and phone numbers.

EPA Region 6
Compliance Assurance and Enforcement Division
Water Enforcement Branch (6EN-W)
1445 Ross Avenue
Dallas, Texas 75202-2733

Jerry Saunders, Associate Director
Main Branch Phone: (214) 665-6468
24 Hour Noncompliance Hotline: (214) 665-6595
Offshore Hotline: (214) 665-6593
Fax: (214) 665-2168

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Links to Other Enforcement Programs:

Air/Toxics Inspection & Coordination Branch works with state, local and tribal governments, other federal agencies, businesses and community groups to implement and enforce the CAA regulations.

Hazardous Waste Enforcement Branch provides guidance on all aspects of managing hazardous wastes and chemical substances; and offer compliance assistance to citizens, facilities, States, and Tribes.

Water Enforcement Branch assures compliance and takes appropriate enforcement action against facilities for violations of the Clean Water and Safe Drinking Water acts, including animal feed lots, stormwater. Additional water quality information in Region 6 such as permits and grants.

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