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Gregory P. Toth

My historic research focused on development of indicators of chemical exposure for aquatic organisms in the laboratory, in mesocosms and in rivers and streams.

Biographical Information

Name: Gregory P. Toth
Title: Research Biologist (Deputy Director)

Contact Info:

Ecological Exposure Research Division
National Exposure Research Laboratory
Environmental Protection Agency
26 W. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. (MD579)
Cincinnati, OH 45268

Phone: 513-569-7242


  • Ph.D. in Biological Chemistry, 1982, University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine
  • B.S. in Chemistry, 1975, John Carroll University

Professional Experience

  • Acting Deputy/Deputy, USEPA, ORD/NERL/EERD, 2010 to present
  • Senior Scientist / Acting Branch Chief / Research Biologist, USEPA, ORD/NERL/EERD, 2006 to 2009
  • NERL Computational Toxicology Program Lead, USEPA, ORD/NERL, 2003 to 2005
  • Branch Chief, Molecular Ecology Research Branch, USEPA, ORD/NERL/EERD, 1995 to 2002
  • Research Chemist, USEPA, 1986 to 1995
  • National Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow, USEPA, 1985 to 1986
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine, Department of Physiology, 1982 to 1984

Selected Awards and Honors

  • USEPA/ORD, Bronze Medal for Commendable Service: ORD Computational Toxicology Design Team, 2004
  • USEPA/ORD, Bronze Medal for Commendable Service: ORD Organizing Committee of the Scientific Program for Endocrine Disruptors Research, 2005
  • USEPA Computational Toxicology Workshop, Invited Speaker, 2003
  • NCEA Colloquium on Current Use and Future Needs of Genomics in Ecological and Human Health Risk Assessment, Invited Speaker, 2003
  • American Water Works Association Symposium on Endocrine Disruptors and the Water Industry, Invited Speaker, 2002

Publications and Presentations

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